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Nira Skincare Laser

A clinically proven anti-ageing laser device

Nira Skincare Laser

A clinically proven anti-ageing laser device

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  • Uses Non-Fractional Laser technology
  • Clinically-proven and FDA-cleared
  • Visibly reduces wrinkles in 60 days
  • Pain and irritation free
  • Treatment takes just 2 minutes a day
  • Delivers long term results

2 year warranty Official Nira Skin Retailer
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The NIRA Skincare Laser uses Non-Fractional Laser below the surface of the skin to rejuvenate your complexion from the inside out.

The laser uses a wavelength that penetrates the skin's lower layers, kick-starting the natural production of collagen without damaging the upper layers.

The device can be used all over the face but is particularly effective at targeting fine lines and wrinkles around problem areas, such as the eyes or the mouth.

A favourite among dermatologists, this device is suitable for all skin types and delivers salon-standard results in just 2 minutes per day.


  • NIRA Skincare Laser Device
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

도움이 필요하신가요?

How does it work?

As we age, our bodies naturally stop producing Collagen meaning the skin begins to ‘sag' or ‘wrinkle'.

The NIRA Skincare Laser reverses this effect by using non-fractional laser to heat the skin to the point where dermal cells send out Heat Shock Protein Formation (HSP) stimulating your cells to rejuvenate and increase Collagen production. NIRA does this just below the pain threshold and well below the point where the skin is damaged.

This motion increases Collagen production, plumping the skin, smoothing wrinkles and revealing a firm, youthful-looking skin.

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Additional Information


  • Do not treat skin that is infected, burned, or cut. Doing this could cause discomfort or irritation. Wait for these conditions to heal before using the device.
  • Do not treat tattooed skin or areas with permanent makeup. Doing this could result in a damaged tattoo or increased risk of skin injury.
  • Do not treat if your skin is significantly red or swollen from a previous treatment. Wait until the redness and swelling have disappeared before treating again. If you have skin redness or swelling that lasts for more than a week, stop using the device and contact a health care professional
  • Do not use the device to treat skin which is painful to touch, raised (higher than surrounding skin), crusting or bleeding. This may be a sign of a more serious condition and should be checked by your doctor.
  • Do not use if you are pregnant. The device has not been tested for safety on pregnant women and the risks are unknown.
  • Do not use if you are under the age of 18. This device has not been tested on persons under the age of 18 and the risks are unknown
  • If you are using medication that increases light sensitivity, please consult a doctor before using this device.
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