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FOREO UFO Mini Smart Mask Treatment Device

A 'mini' sheet mask revolution

FOREO UFO Mini Smart Mask Treatment Device

A 'mini' sheet mask revolution

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  • Korean inspired skincare
  • Expert treatment in just 90 seconds
  • Mini size means it's perfect for travel
  • Blue light reduces blemishes
  • T-sonic pulsations boost mask absorption
  • LED light boosts masking benefits

2 year warranty Official FOREO Retailer
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If you love the idea of a sheet mask but don't love the mess or the time they take, the Foreo UFO Mini is made for you. Condensing a 20 minute treatment into 90 seconds, it combines six leading skincare technologies with mini sheet masks to create its otherworldly results.

Expertly merging in-salon facial massage techniques with Korean-inspired sheet masking, it leaves skin visibly softer, smoother and more radiant in just 90 seconds.


  • Foreo UFO Mini Smart Mask Treatment Device
  • USB charger
  • Quick start guide and basic manual
  • Magnetic scratch card
  • Acrylic stand
  • Make My Day Mask (1 sachet)

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How it Works

It's a high-tech facial device packed into one compact, handheld tool. Harnessing ‘thermotherapy', the device uses heat to enhance the skin's absorption of actives and boost circulation.

The device comes complete with all the technology that the full size UFO does, apart from the 'cyrotherapy'. It also utilises LED light (usually only found in a dermatologist's office) to boost masking benefits, along with T-Sonic pulsations which help the mask formula to deeply penetrate the skin.

Targeted Treatments

Whether your skin needs some added moisture, detoxifying or some help targeting fine lines and wrinkles there's a mask for an array of concerns.

The Foreo H2Overdose Mask hydrates and revitalises dry skin, the Foreo Youth Junkie Mask is an innovative mask filled with collagen to restore your skin's elasticity, whilst the Foreo Glow Addict Mask illuminates dull and lacklustre skin.

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