YA-MAN Photo Plus Prestige SP

Multi-powered anti-ageing device using LED, EMS, RF and microcurrent

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    • Multi-functional expert device for visibly younger, fresher-looking skin
    • 5 modes to address cleansing, brightening, skin tightening and wrinkle reduction
    • Smooth undereyes, sculpt facial muscles, shrink pores and maintain moisture levels
    • Features pro-level EMS (electrical muscle stimulation)
    • Microcurrent, LED light therapy and Ion Cleansing
    • Red, Blue and Orange LED wavelengths promote collagen, elastin and a natural glow
    • Use all modes in 15 minutes, 2 to 3 times per week for elevated results

    2 Year Warranty Official YA-MAN Retailer


    Use the YA-MAN Photo PLUS Prestige SP for your best complexion ever using the 5 modes in approximately 15 minutes, 2 to 3 times per week.

    Clean mode gradually warms the skin to absorb impurities from pores. Eye Care mode increases firmness with warming RF (radio frequency) and gentle microcurrent – apply an eye cream before use. Moisture mode increases skincare absorption and collagen using Red and Orange LED light therapy and DYHP (dynamic hyper pulse) technology.

    EMS Up mode tones and lifts the facial muscle using high frequency EMS (electrical muscle stimulation). Cool mode tightens skin with a cooling effect and Blue LED light therapy.


    • YA-MAN Photo PLUS Prestige SP
    • Silver Ring
    • USB Charging Cable & AC Adapter
    • User Manual

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    Step 1: Clean and dry skin. Place a thin cotton pad onto the electrode head and secure with silver ring.

    Step 2: Saturate the cotton pad with low-viscosity lotion. Turn on your device, choose your mode and adjust the level.

    Step 3: Complete your session on the first half of your face. After the beep, continue on the other side.

    Step 4: After your facial, continue with your skincare routine.

    Expert Tip: Start on Level 1 intensity for your first use until your skin becomes accustomed to the treatments.

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    Important Information

    Size (with cotton stopper): W52 × D62 × H203 mm

    Weight (with a cotton stopper): approx. 293g

    Country of Origin: Japan

    Charging Time approx. 3 hours

    Operating Time approx. 30 minutes

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