Bala The Power Ring 5kg

Functional weighted ring for full body workouts

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    • 5kg weighted ring for increasing muscle strength and endurance
    • Incorporate into 75 workout moves
    • More user-friendly than kettlebells and dumbbells
    • Evenly distributed and balanced weight
    • Made from recycled stainless steel and soft silicone
    • Use for squatting, pressing or as an equivalent to kettlebell swings

    2 Year Warranty official BALA Retailer


    Level-up your workout routine with The Power Ring by Bala. Forget tedious and repetitive gym workouts, this versatile weighted ring can be used for 75 unique movements.

    Designed with balanced and evenly distributed weight, build strength, improve muscular endurance and enhance your agility.

    Thanks to its ergonomic design, The Power Ring by Bala is much more user-friendly than kettlebells and dumbbells. Say goodbye to clunky gym equipment and hello to a smoother, more dynamic workout.


    • Bala The Power Ring 5kg

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    why it works

    Easier to grip than clunky kettlebells and dumbbells, The Power Ring by Bala will be your new favourite gym apparatus. Squat, press and swing through up to 75 unique movements for an effective full-body workout.

    Bala The Power Ring is made from recycled stainless steel and baby-soft silicone, so this weighted ring is much kinder on your hands too.

    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Add The Power Ring by Bala into any workout routine.

    Step 2: Squat, swing or press to add weight to your exercise.

    Step 3: Wipe clean and store once finished.

    make it personal

    The Power Ring by Bala can be used during your gym workout for a range of movements. Squat, press, or swing with this weighted ring in up to 75 different movements.

    Work out at home or take your new gym equipment with you to the gym. Bala The Power Ring means you'll need to carry around less equipment too, as you only need this one weight for an effective full-body workout.

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    Made from recycled stainless steel and soft silicone.

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