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slip® Pure Silk Sleep Mask - Contour - Lovely Lashes

Eyelash-friendly sleep mask

slip® Pure Silk Sleep Mask - Contour - Lovely Lashes

Eyelash-friendly sleep mask

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32만원 이상 구매시 관부과세 무료 서비스


  • Protect your eyelash extensions
  • Made from long fibre mulberry silk
  • Get better sleep without light pollution
  • Ultra-soft feel on your skin
  • Won't crease hair
  • Use nightly for more restful sleep

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The slip® Pure Silk Sleep Mask is made from high-quality long fibre mulberry silk to hug and caress your face during sleep. And with the enhanced cutouts, it gives you extra space for eyelash extensions.

Keep your skin looking fresh, too, as you awaken from a night's sleep without unnecessary light pollution. And the silk band won't crease your hair as you're wearing the eye sleep mask. Squint less in your sleep for fewer wrinkles with this natural anti-ageing sleep mask. Just pop it on, check the fit is right and drift off to dreamland.

The slip® Pure Silk Sleep Mask is coloured with non-toxic dyes and designed to be gentle on your skin during a whole night of wear, every night. Use this sleep mask anywhere you want to block out light, like in the office, on a plane or during a road trip.


  • slip® Pure Silk Sleep Mask

도움이 필요하신가요?

It's as simple as

Step 1: Put your hair in a silk bonnet if you wish.

Step 2: Pop on the Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask.

Step 3: Lay back and doze off.

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