Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase - King Standard

Protects skin and hair as you sleep

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    • Maintains skin's moisture
    • Promotes a youthful complexion
    • Reduces pressure on skin as you sleep
    • Lessens hair friction and static
    • Made from natural fibers
    • Machine washable

    Official SLIP Retailer Over 20,000 SLIP products sold worldwide


    ÌâåÊTake your evening routine to the next level with our range of Slip Pure Silk Pillowcases.

    Recommended by hair stylists and dermatologists across the world, this must-have product protects your skin and hair as you sleep to maximise your beauty routine.

    The long fibers are less absorbent than cotton, maintaining your skin's moisture levels throughout the night. This makes sure your favourite night creams and hair masks stay where they belong.

    The soft texture helps to reduce friction, reducing stretching and tugging across delicate facial skin as well as preserving your blow dry.


    • Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase

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    Lovely but too big

    If you have standard pillowcases, this is too big. I have king size pillows and find them great as a bolster. My primary pillow is a standard and I was disappointed that the Slip swamps it.

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