slip® Pure Silk Nightlife Bauble

Silk scrunchie gift set

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    • Made from mulberry silk to stop hair kinks
    • Ties hair without tugging or pulling
    • Perfect for shorter and finer hairstyles
    • Festive star pattern scrunchies
    • Use as a stocking filler or secret Santa gift
    • Create up-do styles daily without damage

    Over 20,000 SLIP products sold worldwide


    The slip® Nightlife Bauble includes four pure silk scrunchies for kink-free hair. Why silk? Slipsilk™ is designed to be gentler on hair than other types of scrunchies. Slip scrunchies don't pull, tug or damage your hair.

    Instead, they're soft and keep hair neatly in place and glide out when you let your hair down. Presented in a festive Christmas bauble, the slip® Nightlife Bauble is perfect as a secret Santa present (or for keeping for yourself!).


    • slip® Pure Silk Scrunchies x4

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    It's as simple as

    Step 1: Put a slip® scrunchie on your wrist.

    Step 2: Hold your hair in your hands, then tie it up with the scrunchie.

    Step 3: Remove and handwash as needed.

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