slip® Privacy Please Sleep In Set - Limited Edition

Sparkly sleep mask and door hanger set

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    • 100% silk eye mask for fewer sleep crease
    • Fun 'privacy please' door hanger
    • Blocks out light for a deeper sleep
    • Doesn't absorb skincare products
    • Made without toxic dyes
    • Use every night for better sleep

    Over 20,000 SLIP products sold worldwide


    Sleep better with the slip® Privacy Please Sleep In Set. Included is a glitzy, rhinestone sleep mask for blocking out light, plus a fun 'privacy please' door hanger for truly uninterrupted sleep.

    Made from 100% silk, the sleep mask keeps your skincare where it should be – on your face – instead of absorbing into the fabric. It's super soft on your skin too, enjoy fewer sleep creases to maintain skin's youthfulness. Use nightly for a deeper sleep and anti-ageing benefits.


    • slip® Privacy Please Slip Eye Mask
    • slip® Privacy Please Door Hanger

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    It's as simple as

    Step 1: Hang the door hanger on your bedroom door.

    Step 2: Place the sleep mask over your eyes and relax.

    Step 3: Hand wash sleep mask as and when needed.

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