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Effectively trains the arms


Effectively trains the arms

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  • EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation device)
  • Stimulates 70% more muscle fibres during your workout
  • Designed to effectively train the arms
  • 23 minute built-in program
  • 1-20 power levels
  • Connect to an app on your phone do you can track your progress

2 year warranty Official NuFACE Retailer
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Struggling to get the results that you want from your workout? Designed for use on the biceps and triceps, accelerate your growth with the SIXPAD Arm Belt.

Using muscle building EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology, the device works with your workout to stimulate dormant muscle fibres and help you achieve your body toning goals.


  • SIXPAD Arm Belt unit
  • SIXPAD Arm Belt gel sheets
  • SIXPAD Arm Belt storage board
  • SIXPAD Arm Belt storage case
  • UK AC mains charger
  • Support belts
  • Instruction manual and warranty

도움이 필요하신가요?

This smart EMS technology device is combined with Cristiano Ronaldo's recommended 23-minute training programme, to give you the body you want in less time.

Cristiano Ronaldo's very own personal training method is installed in the training programme of the device. The programme implements the warm up and cool down phases of training, as Cristiano Ronaldo recommends that these are essentials stages needed to accelerate results. Based on these recommendations, the device automatically adjusts the intensity throughout the programme when needed.

“I've always said to myself that consistent effort to improve my capabilities is key to becoming the world's best. EMS is an important factor in achieving that improvement.” - Cristiano Ronaldo

CMM pulse core technology

Designed for efficient and effective body toning, the SIXPAD Arm Belt uses EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology that works by sending a low 20hz frequency signal to the arm muscles, targeting your biceps and triceps.

This type of EMS is known as the brand's patented CMM Pulse Core Technology has revolutionised the way athletes train and build muscle, meaning the body you've always wanted is just within reach.

How exactly does it work?

EMS technology is designed to allow you to work your fast-twitch muscle fibres, these muscles are relatively easy to build but require lots of consistent training with a heavy load. Without EMS technology, you would need to train extremely hard to achieve your desired results.

Normal exercise only uses around 30% of muscle fibres, leaving the other 70% dormant. SIXPAD works to stimulate the dormant muscles, ultimately making it easier to change your physical appearance.

How to use

Step 1: Apply the SIXPAD Arm Belt Gel Sheets.

Step 2: Put the Arm Belt around your arm.

Step 3: Adjust the power level to your desired level.

Step 4: Start your 23-minute training session

Track your progress

Connect your Arm Belt to the SIXPAD app to track your progress, you can view track and save your training results, plus receive tips and advice to help you stay motivated.

The app is available for download in China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, South Korea, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Recommended: iOS 9.0 or Android 5.0.

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