Sensica sensiMatch Peel Pads

Personalise your sensiMatch treatment

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    • Gently exfoliates and buffs your skin
    • Refreshes and polishes
    • Adapt2U technology hugs your unique curves
    • 2 Pads for multiple exfoliation levels
    • Simple, snap-on use
    • To be used with your sensiMatch device

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    To suit your multiple beauty needs, the patented Adapt2U technology adapts itself to your body's unique curves.

    Regardless of your shape, size or angle, the sensiMatch Peel Pad is designed to improve the experience and effectiveness of home body exfoliation.

    With a quick switch of the pads, you're able to vary the levels of body peeling. Each pad is designed to safely remove dead skin cells from legs, arm and even delicate areas such as your bikini line.

    This dynamic treatment enables you to get the most out of your device. We recommend that you replace the Peel Pad after 20 uses, this optimises the effectiveness of your sensiMatch.


    • Sensica sensiMatch Peel Pad

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