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ReFa Carat Ray Face

Supple and radiant skin

ReFa Carat Ray Face

Supple and radiant skin

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  • Delivers a professional kneading massage
  • Works to tighten and firm up the skin
  • Solar powered microcurrent technology
  • Targets the face, neck and decolletage
  • Suitable for all skins types
  • Waterproof design

2 year warranty
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This easy to use, handheld device from ReFa delivers spa-worthy treatment in the comfort of your own home. First recognised by Japanese beauty experts as a stand-out product, the ReFa Ray Face is designed to replicate a professional kneading massage.

The Double Drainage rollers work to deliver microcurrent to the skin, stimulating collagen production and in turn, firming and toning the treatment area.


  • ReFa Carat Ray Face Massager

도움이 필요하신가요?

How to use

You can adjust the strength in which the rollers knead your skin, by adjusting the angle you hold the device.

When pushing the rollers forward, gradually raise the end of the handle to increase the pull.

When pulling the device back, lower the handle to increase the pull.


Step 1: Roll back and forth along your jawline.

Step 2: Roll along your cheekbones from the corners of your mouth to the front of your ears.

Step 3: Roll up and down vertically over your cheekbone up to your temple.

Step 4: Roll up and down between the corner of your mouth and side of your nose.

Step 5: Roll gently under your eye with one roller.

Step 6: Roll up and down from your eyebrows to your hairline.

Decolletage & Neck

Step 1: Roll up and down between your collarbone and your chest.

Step 2: Hold your device upside down and roll back and forth in big movements from below your ear to your shoulder.

How does it work?

The skin and lymphatic system are massaged by the dual rollers, which replicate a professional kneading technique often delivered in salon facials. The rollers are designed to gently grip and hug the contours of your face, lifting and rejuvenating your skin.


A low level microcurrent is used to enhance the results, stimulating the production of collagen and revealing radiant skin. The microcurrent is powered through solar power and mimics the body's natural current to tone and tighten.

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