PYR KNIGHT EMS Slimming Face and Body Massage Device

Smoother, plumper skin from top to toe

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    • Tones, firms and smoothes your skin
    • Youth-boosting radio frequency & EMS technology
    • Kick-starts collagen & elastin production
    • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
    • Supports lymphatic drainage
    • Use on your face, thighs, stomach, buttocks & more

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    Tone, smooth and firm your skin from top to toe with the PYR Knight. This powerful multi-tasking device uses radio frequency and EMS technology to create change on a cellular level. Working together or separately, these technologies help kick-start collagen production – smoothing uneven skin texture and cellulite, reducing wrinkles and increasing suppleness.

    Its ergonomic shape lets you glide the device over the body to aid lymphatic drainage too, ridding the body of toxins and boosting circulation. Key nutrients are delivered to the skin's cells, promoting a more even tone and brighter complexion.

    Use on your face, buttocks, stomach, thighs and more to firm your silhouette, increase plumpness and reduce wrinkles. Hold the device over problem areas for targeted, pro-level treatments. Or glide over larger surface areas for ultimate body-toning results. 


    • PYR KNIGHT EMS Slimming Face and Body Massage Device
    • Device Stand
    • USB Cable & Adapter
    • PYR Knight Multi-Beauty Massage Gel 200ml
    • Instruction Manual

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    The PYR Knight EMS Slimming Face and Body Massage Device works because it uses two of the most powerful anti-ageing technologies – radio frequency and EMS.

    Radio frequency gently warms the deep layer of your skin – called the dermis – to stimulate collagen production. This helps to tighten the tissue underneath the skin, sculpting your contours, softening wrinkles and smoothing out cellulite.

    Then there's EMS. It uses a gentle electrical current to tone and firm your muscles – similarly to regularly going to the gym. Over time, your muscles become tighter, creating more supple and plumper skin.

    Working in harmony, these salon-level technologies deliver powerful results – targeting the deepest layers of your skin and your muscles. Use the device to tone your face, stomach, buttocks, thighs and more.


    Step 1: Clean and dry the desired treatment areas.

    Step 2: Apply the Multi-Beauty Massage Gel.

    Step 3: Power on the device.

    Step 4: Move the device upwards and outwards, or hold over the treatment area.

    Step 5: Repeat for all treatment areas.

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    5 별점 주기
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    Powerful tightening effect

    I have used many different micro current devices.

    This device seems to be the strongest yet I have used with a great tightening effect and a heating effect.

    Worth the money I would recommend

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    Ease of Use
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