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Panasonic EH-XR10 Advanced RF Facial Device

Kick-start collagen production

Panasonic EH-XR10 Advanced RF Facial Device

Kick-start collagen production

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  • Targets the visible signs of ageing
  • Immediate aesthetic results even after a single use
  • Non-invasive and effective treatment
  • Smooths away fine lines and wrinkles
  • Personalise your treatment with bespoke routines
  • Sensor to prevent over stimulation

2 Year Warranty Official NuFACE Retailer
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As we age, collagen volume decreases in the skin, resulting in the appearance of wrinkles and sagging. This next-generation device combines Radio Frequency and Ultrasonic technologies to target the visible signs of ageing. Warming heat combines with deep hydration to plump the cells and leave skin feeling visibly lifted.

Famed for use in the salons, these powerful technologies allow you to recreate your own facial treatment at home. Treatments take just 10 minutes per day and you can use this device to soften lines across the cheeks, mouth eyes and forehead.


  • Panasonic EH-XR10 Advanced RF Facial Device
  • Conductive Gel
  • Charging Cable
  • UK Plug
  • 2 year warrranty
  • User manual

도움이 필요하신가요?

Unique design

This ergonomic device and floating probe have been optimised to maintain constant contact with the skin's surface and enhancing the lifting effect.

The 3 heat setting mean that you can adjust the warm sensation to suit your own preferences. The Over Care Prevention Sensor alerts you when the skin has been in contact with the probe for over 15 seconds to avoid excessive use.

The EH-XR10 also offers a Radio Frequency mode designed especially for use on the forehead. This provides a more targeted treatment across deep-set lines to accelerate the visible smoothening of the skin.


Always use the appliance on clean skin after removing makeup and washing your face.

Step 1: Select the POWER/SELECT button and select a mode.

Step 2: Apply the conductive gel to the areas you want to treat as the device preheats.

Step 3: A tone will sound once the device has heated. Press the device onto your skin and move it around your face, focusing on the cheek, around the mouth and the forehead.

Step 4: The device will automatically power off after each mode. Wash off the conductive gel from your face and the device.

The Results

While most people report immediate results after just a single use, we would recommend using up to 3 times per week to reap the full benefits. It's best to leave a day or more between uses to allow your skin to rest.

To ensure that the device conducts the energy preoperly, we recommend using the Panasonic Conductive Gel to prep the skin before use. Alternatively, you can use your favourite beauty serum, milky lotions or gels to aid the device in sliding across your skin instead.

Additional Information

Conductive gel ingredients: Aqua (water), propanediol, propylene glycol, methyl gluceth-20, carbomer, phenoxyethanol, sodium hydroxide, edta, xanthan gum.


To prevent skin or health problems, the following persons should not use this appliance:

- Individuals with a heart disease

- Individuals with a nervous disorder in their face

- Individuals with diabetes

- Individuals with hemorrhagic disease, haemophilia or other blood disorder

- Individuals with high blood pressure

- Individuals with undergoing treatment on their teeth

- Individuals with a detached retina, or who once had a detached retina

- Individuals with severe nearsightedness (-6D or higher)

- Individuals with metal, silicon or plastic implants in their face due to bone fracture or plastic surgery etc

- Babies, toddlers or other child in the growth stage, or other individual who cannot indicate intent

- Individuals with head or eye aftereffect condition due to a traffic accident etc

- Individuals who have had eye surgery

Doing so may cause accidents, illness or blindness

The following persons should not use this appliance:

- Persons with allergies

- Persons with sensitive skin

- Persons with skin diseases or atopic dermatitis

Doing so may cause problems with the skin or body

The following persons should not use this appliance:

- Menstruating or pregnant women, or within one month of childbirth

Doing so may cause skin trouble due to hormonal imbalance

The following persons should not use this appliance:

- Individuals without sense of heat. Doing so may cause burn

Do not use this appliance in the following body area or following cases.

- When you do not feel well

- After drinking alcohol or taking medicine, or when you are very tired

- Areas with skin damage, eczema or swelling

- When there are abnormalities on the skin such as dermatitis or extreme sunburns

- Body parts where epilation or shaving was performed on the same day

- Where cosmetic surgery has been performed

- Forehead (usable on forehead in RF mode only), lips, eyes, eyelids, ears and neck

Doing so may cause problems with the skin or body or blindness.

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