Beurer MG 300 Premium Shiatsu Massage Seat Cover with Body Scanning

Revolutionary massage experience

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    • Gently relaxes the muscles
    • Fixes to the back of your chair
    • Treats the neck and back
    • Targets problem areas
    • Size can be adjusted
    • Washable cover

    2 year warranty


    Customised massage experience with 4-head massage technology

    Heating combined with shiatsu massage to relax and deeply invigorate with 3 massage programmes

    Automatic body scanning function to target problem areas includes spot massage & extra large massage surface

    Massage areas can be selected (neck, back, neck and back area) & size adjusted too

    Washable covers (40C).


    • Beurer MG 300 Premium Shiatsu Massage Seat Cover

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    Our Story

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    Your new Premium Massage seat cover is at the top of its game, bringing you the very best in back massaging tools for use at home.

    The key to Beurers Shaitsu Massage technology is use both heat and massage to target muscles that are tight or sore.

    With an extra-large massage surface you can enjoy a luxury massage.

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