Lumity Copper Body Brush

Exfoliate and detoxify your body

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    • Exfoliating body brush for dry brushing
    • Made from natural bristles and copper wires
    • Buffs away dry skin and impurities
    • Boosts circulation and drains toxins
    • See smoother, brighter skin from the first use
    • Use on dry skin before showering

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    Boost brightness, increase softness and detoxify your body with the Lumity Copper Body Brush. This daily brushing tool is made from natural bristles and copper wires, which are designed to reinvigorate the epidermis. Use it to buff away dead skin cells and impurities to leave skin looking smoother and feeling softer.

    By stimulating skin cell renewal and boosting circulation, practising daily dry brushing aids lymphatic drainage too. Removal of these harmful toxins encourages healthier-looking skin and gives you a radiant, all-over glow.

    Use the Lumity Copper Body Brush on dry skin as part of your morning beauty rituals. Start from the soles of your feet and work upwards. Skin instantly looks brighter, and feels silky-soft. With regular use, tone and texture even out, and the appearance of cellulite improves too.


    • Lumity Copper Body Brush

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    Step 1: Ensure your skin is dry before using.

    Step 2: Start from the soles of your feet and brush upwards towards your heart using long, gentle strokes.

    Step 3: Work up your body repeating the same motions.

    Step 4: Jump in the shower and cleanse.

    Step 5: Finish with the Lumity Skin Nutrients Body Oil.

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    Fabulous brush

    Makes you feel invigorated and skin extremely soft and even better when used after with some Lumity oil.

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    Feels good

    Makes the skin tingle and feel alive in the morning

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