Lancer Skincare Legacy™ Eye Treatment Duo 20ml

Unique day & night anti-ageing eye kit

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    • Brightening, energising formula for day
    • Nourishing, hydrating formula for night
    • Rollerball applicator massages in product
    • Combat dryness, dark circles, fine lines, sagging skin
    • Anti-ageing for the whole eye & brow area
    • Use the day or night pen before the Nourish step of your Lancer Method

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    Finally, a complete eye anti-ageing method that's easy to use and specifically designed for your needs - the Lancer Legacy™ Eye Treatment Duo 20ml. This kit contains two rollerball eye pens with powerful youth-boosting formulas.

    There is one for the daytime with brightening, lifting and energising ingredients and one for the night with hydrating, nourishing and skin-healing ingredients. Together, you're providing all-day & all-night skin replenishment for the delicate eye area and brow skin to smooth, firm, lift, hydrate and add glow.

    Minimise the look of fine lines, crow's feet, brow 11's, eye bags, dark circles and more when you use these pens before your Nourish step every day. Roll the day pen under your eyes in the AM and the night one in the PM over your brow bone too.


    • Lancer Legacy™ Eye Treatment Day 10ml
    • Lancer Legacy™ Eye Treatment Night 10ml

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    why it works

    Inside the Lancer LegacyTM™ Eye Treatment Duo 20ml kit, there are two unique rollerball pens. The day formula has crushed pearl for brightness and an aquadermal complex for moisture retention and suppleness. The angelica complex targets under-eye discolouration and a micro-green complex is added for skin nourishment.

    Lastly, a caffeine pep compound reduces puffiness for bright, refined skin to greet your day with. Then at night, you have the black pearl for luminosity with youth GF complex to nourish and revitalize your skin. Next, peony youth compound firms and minimizes the signs of premature ageing.

    Then smoothlink complex follows to fight wrinkles and fine lines with white truffle extract to lock in moisture. When combined with your Lancer Method, see firmer, smoother and more youthful eyes that glow from within.

    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Twist up the product on the day or night pen.

    Step 2: Apply to the under-eye before the Nourish step. If night, apply to the brow bone as well.

    Step 3: Allow to absorb. Follow with the Nourish step.

    make it personal

    The Lancer LegacyTM™ Eye Treatment Duo 20 ml is a two in one kit that gives your delicate eye skin just what it needs for busy days and restful nights. Enjoy plumped, lifted, smoothed and refined eye skin with regular daily use of this treatment before your Nourish step.

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