Beurer IPL 7000 Satin Skin Pro Permanent Hair Removal

Advanced IPL technology

₩320,000 ₩320,000
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    • Permanent hair removal
    • Leaves skin feeling silky-soft
    • Large treatment area
    • 100,000 light pulses
    • 50% visible hair reduction after just 4 treatments
    • Developed with dermatologists

    2 year warranty Official Beurer Retailer


    We love the Satin Silk Pro here at CURRENTBODY because it is fantastic value for money when compared with other IPL hair removal devices.

    It leaves you with deliciously soft, silky smooth skin on the treated areas and offers body confidence in areas you might have chosen to hide away before.


    • Beurer IPL 7000 Satin Skin Pro Permanent Hair Removal

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    Our Story

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    The Satin Skin Pro offers permanent hair removal through its use of the innovation in beauty technology - Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) use in professional dermatology treatment.

    The light is absorbed by the root, which in turn stops the hair from growing.

    The Cartridge provided holds 100,000 light pulses and users in clinical trials experienced 50% hair reduction after only 3 or 4 treatments.

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