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Hayo'u Body Oil 100ml

Hayo'u De-stress Body Oil

Hayo'u Body Oil 100ml

Hayo'u De-stress Body Oil

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  • Self-massage body oil
  • Ingredients inspired by age-old Chinese massage techniques
  • Contains powerful botanicals used in Chinese bathouses
  • Deeply nourishing for the skin
  • Creates a sense of calm for the senses
  • Relaxes the body and the mind

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The perfect edition to your evening ritual after a stressful day, the Hayo'u De-Stress Body Oil is formulated with sea buckthorn and rice oil to create a Body Oil with super restorative powers.

Made to be used with the Hayo'u Body Restorer Massage tool, it can also be used alone as a nourishing body oil.


  • Hayo'u De-stress Body Oil

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How to Use:

Apply the Hayo'u Body Destress to oil to areas that you carry stress the most, these are usually your chest area, neck and shoulders and your back.

Use the rounded edge of the Hayo'u Body Restorer tool to ‘press stroke' (stroke whilst firmly pressing the tool) against the skin.

To use the Body Oil without the tool simply massage into the skin in the areas that are in need of some extra hydration.

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