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BeautyBio Skin Prep Pads (30 pack)

Optimise your treatment

BeautyBio Skin Prep Pads (30 pack)

Optimise your treatment

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  • Preps the skin ahead of microneedling
  • Clinical standard skincare that sterilises the skin
  • Enhances anti-ageing benefits
  • Removes make-up and skin impurities
  • Luxurious texture is gentle to touch
  • Suitable for use on all skin types

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Taking inspiration from clinical cosmetic treatments, GloPRO Skin Prep Pads bring the technology of the salon to the comfort of your home.

The soft texture is gentle on the skin and has been specifically designed to optimise your GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration treatment.


  • GloPRO Skin Prep Pads (30 pack)

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Sterilised, Cleansed Skin

Microneedling makes your skin more receptive to skincare products, meaning it's essential to thoroughly cleanse skin before treating.

Taking inspiration from similar treatments in salons and clinics, the Skin Prep Pads form the ultimate preparation step prior to your GloPRO treatment.

Each pad contains the GloPRO proprietary peptide complex, SteriGlow, gently enhancing anti-ageing benefits as well as sterilising and conditioning the skin.

The luxurious texture is soft to the touch, helping to condition and prepare your skin to reap the benefits of anti-ageing solutions.

The pads can be used on the face and body and are suitable for all skin types.


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