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Advanced smart cleansing


Advanced smart cleansing

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  • T-Sonic pulsations with 12 speed intensities sweeps away trapped dirt, oil and residue
  • Glow Boost mode offers 30-second cleansing
  • 100% waterproof
  • Syncs with with FOREO For You app to adjust intensity
  • Tangible results from the first use
  • Up to 400 uses per charge

2 year warranty Official FOREO Retailer
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Say hello to your most smart cleanser yet: the FOREO LUNA Mini 3. Taking the famous LUNA range one step further, this latest rechargeable model pairs with the FOREO For You app to customise your cleansing routine. Boasting 8,000 sonic pulsations per session, over time your skin will feel cleaner, firmer and smoother. Perfect for using on-the-go, it's small enough to fit in your carry-on or gym-bag to instantly refresh your complexion.


  • FOREO LUNA Mini 3
  • Travel Bag
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 2 year warranty

도움이 필요하신가요?


Spend over £90 on FOREO and receive a FREE FOREO Micro-Foam Cleanser worth £39.

This lightweight cleansing formula has been specifically designed to be used with a FOREO cleansing devices. When used with FOREO's LUNA cleansing devices, the T-sonic pulsations help to transform this creamy cleanser into micro-bubbles that are absorbed deep into the skin.

Smart Technology

The FOREO LUNA Mini 3 easily connects to the FOREO For You App, unlocking customised cleansing routines and storing your preferences.

In the app, you'll also be able to adjust the cleansing intensity between 1 and 12. Looking to supercharge your treatment? Choose Glow Boost mode for your beauty-tech shortcut to flawless skin in just 30 seconds.

What's more, the "Find my LUNA" function means you'll never lose the device in the bottom of your skincare drawer again.

A thorough cleanse

Made from silky-soft silicone, the FOREO LUNA Mini 3 features a larger cleansing area with longer and softer bristles for a gentle but effective cleanse.

It means you'll never have to worry about over-srubbing your skin again. Plus, the soothing massaging pulsations relax your facial muscles to start and end your day well.

Fully waterproof and USB rechargeable, one full charge allone gives you up to 400 uses - enough to last for twice daily treatments over 6 months!

What's the difference?

Looking for clarity between the different FOREO LUNA models? We've rounded up a simple comparison here to explain the key differences and help you find the right one for you.

How to use:

1. Connect your LUNA Mini 3 to the FOREO For You app.

2. Dampen your face, apply cleanser and hit the start button

3. Use circular motions to gently massage the device across your face until the timer shuts off.

4. Rinse your LUNA Mini 3, pat dry your face and continue your daily skincare regime.

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  • If you have any skin condition or medical concerns, please consult a physician before use.
  • Cleansing with LUNA Mini 3 should be comfortable - if you experience discomfort, discontinue use immediately and consult a physician.
  • Exercise particular care when cleansing the under-eye area and do not bring the device into contact with the eyelids or eyes themselves.
  • For hygiene reasons, we do not recommend sharing your LUNA Mini 3 with anyone else.
  • Avoid leaving your LUNA Mini 3 in direct sunlight and never expose it to extreme heat or boiling water.
  • This device should only be operated by children 8 years and above.
  • Close supervision is necessary when this device is used by, on or near children, as well as those with reduced physical and mental abilities.
  • Discontinue use if this product appears damaged in any way. This product contains no serviceable parts.
  • Given the efficiency or the FOREO cleansing routine, we recommend that you do not use LUNA Mini 3 for more than 3 minutes at a time.
  • Use this device only for its intended use as described in this manual. If you do not find the answer to your specific question, or if you have any other questions regarding the device's operation, please visit
  • Those with lack of experience and knowledge should be given supervision or instruction concerning use of this device in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.
  • Children should not play with this device or clean the device without supervision.
  • This device must only be supplied at SELV.
  • Users must follow instructions in this manual regarding charging of the device and follow these instructions.
  • The battery of this device must be removed before the device is disposed of.
  • The device must be disconnected from the main circuit (see battery removal section) when removing the battery.
  • The battery is to be disposed of in a safe manner.

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