FAQ™ Silicone Cleaning Spray 60ml

Removes dirt and makeup residue to extend the durability of silicone devices

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    • Cleans silicone devices of dirt and makeup residue
    • Preserves and extends the durability of silicone devices
    • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and other microbes
    • Ideal for FOREO and FAQ™ tools
    • Fast-acting, non-irritating formulation
    • Use in place of cleaning products containing alcohol or acetone


    Extend and preserve the durability of your silicone devices with the bacteria-killing FAQ™ Silicone Cleaning Spray. Easily remove dirt, debris and makeup residue while ensuring 99.9% of bacteria is eliminated. In just a few sprays, your skincare routine is instantly refreshed.

    Simply wash your waterproof device in warm, soapy water before patting dry with a gentle, lint-free cloth. Use a few sprays of the cleaner before rinsing away with warm water to completely sterilise. It’s the ideal alternative to harsh alcohol and acetone cleaners.

    Use whenever dirt or other impurities are visible, or once a week for added protection.


    • FAQ™ Silicone Cleaning Spray (60ml)

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