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    • Harnesses 5 skin-tightening technologies
    • Effectively tones and tightens your face
    • Smooths away fine lines and wrinkles
    • Suitable for use on the face, neck and eye area
    • Complete weekly and daily routine for maximised lifting results


    Harnessing a powerful combination of skin-lifting technologies, Dr Arrivo Zeus Swarovski sculpts your contours and treats sagging skin. Encrusted with Swarovski diamantes, the device has weekly and daily tightening routines so you can tailor your skincare treatments to you.

    This lightweight device carries out treatments effectively and hassle-free, with many seeing instant lifting results. You can even use the device to treat enlarged pores, breakouts and pigmentation too.


    • Dr Arrivo Zeus Swarovski
    • Dr Arrivo PE Golden Beauty The Serum 40ml

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    Harnessing the brand's patented Medium Frequency Interval Pulse (MFIP) technology, the device effectively tones and tightens your skin. The treatment is designed to mimic an aesthetician's massage, using the combination of EMS, Insert Pulse and Radio Frequency technology to increase skincare absorption and energise your facial muscles.

    The intermittent pulses also maximises the effects of the device by helping to penetrate Radio Frequency deep into the dermal layers of the skin. The results? A tighter, more supple complexion with visibly less wrinkles.


    As you are completing your treatments, the device also emits LED light to enhance your results.

    Blue light is known for its abilities to treat acne, fighting acne-causing bacteria and reducing breakouts.

    Green light evens out your skin tone, tackling age spots and pigmentation.

    Red light has anti-ageing properties, boosting collagen production and smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles.

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