Breo iSee M Eye Massager

Heat-powered eye mask for deep relaxation

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    • Heat compression (42-47℃) and air pressure eye mask
    • Promotes deep relaxation and improves sleep
    • Relieves headaches, eye fatigue and eye dryness
    • Brightens dark circles and tired-looking eyes
    • 4 treatment modes & play your own music
    • Wireless with app connectivity and Bluetooth

    2 Year Warranty Official Breo Retailer


    Working away at our laptops all day, scrolling social media and staring at the TV can all cause eye dryness, headaches and dark circles. But the Breo iSee M Eye Massager Mask quickly relieves these with a clever combination of heat and air pressure massage.

    Toggle between the two or enjoy the deep relaxation benefits of them both, as you sit back, relax and switch off from the world for a while. The mask gently massages around your eyes to de-puff, brighten and refresh this delicate area. And feel all tension melt away as the heat pads deliver a warm, spa-like experience.

    Connect to the app to choose between 4 treatment modes, as well as put on your own relaxing playlist to create a calming environment. Use it to combat conditions like dry eyes or to improve your sleep. When you're finished, it neatly folds away into the included storage pouch – ready to be used again or to pack while you're on the go. It's rechargeable via USB too, so there's no need to worry about replacement batteries either!


    • Breo iSee M Eye Massager APP Smart Control
    • Folding Portable Mask
    • USB Charger
    • Storage Pouch
    • User Manual

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    Step 1: Find a comfortable seat or lie down.

    Step 2: Power on the Breo iSee M Eye Massager Mask.

    Step 3: Connect the mask to the app (optional).

    Step 4: Choose your heat temperature.

    Step 5: Choose the treatment mode you'd like to use.

    Step 6: If you've connect the mask to the app, you can play your own music for further relaxation benefits.

    Step 7: Power off and store in the pouch once finished.

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    Additional Information

    Product Specification:

    Weight: 275g DIMENSION: 210×75×110 (mm)

    Charging Port: Micro USB

    Charging Time: 2 hrs

    Battery Duration: 140 min

    Battery Capacity: 1150 mAh

    Power: 5W

    Input: 5V

    Working Session: 10 min

    Massage Mode: Pressure / Warm-Compress

    Temperature: 42~49℃

    Materials: PU / ABS / Fabricfabric / ABS

    Color: Grey

    Accessory: USB Cable/User Manual

    Others: App Control

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