Braun Silk·expert Pro 3 PL3132 Latest Generation IPL, Permanent Visible Hair Removal

Latest generation IPL hair removal device for permanent results

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    • Brought to you by Braun - famed for its German engineering & innovation
    • Clinically tested & uses the safest IPL technology
    • Smart features including a skin sensor
    • Fast and precise results in minutes
    • 300,000 flashes and 3 intensity levels
    • 15% smaller and 25% lighter than previous models

    2 year warranty Over 1,000,000 Braun products sold worldwide


    Using the safest technology of its kind, this is the latest generation IPL hair removal device. Safe, effective and pain-free, it uses clinically proven technology and boasts a skin sensor that automatically and continuously adapts to your tone.

    Ideal for using all over the body, there’s also a precision head for those hard-to-reach areas such as the face, underarms and bikini line. It only takes 9 minutes to treat both legs at the lowest energy level too, and it takes just 3 months to notice visible hair reduction.


    • Braun Silk-Expert Pro 3 PL3132
    • Premium bag for storage
    • Precision head
    • Venus razor

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    IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light therapy. It works by channeling pulses of light into the skin and hair follicles to break the cycle of hair growth. The light is absorbed by melanin in the skin. This sends the hair follicles into resting phase, gradually causing them to fall out and grow back less.


    Typically, IPL works best on light to medium skin tones with hair colour ranging from natural blonde to black. Unfortunately, it’s not suitable for those with white, grey or red hair as these types of hair don't have the appropriate melanin. It may also damage very dark skin tones which is why it’s advised not to be used.


    The device uses SensoAdapt™ technology - offering the safest IPL on the market. The SensoAdapt™ sensor continuously reads your skin tone - which can vary across your body - and adapts its flash intensity for the best results. As well as this, it’s been clinically tested and dermatologically accredited as skin safe by the Skin Health Alliance.


    Boasting 300,000 flashes, this handheld device delivers the equivalent of 16 years worth of treatments. Both legs can be treated in just 9 minutes too.


    Tailor your treatment by choosing between the fast gliding and stamp mode. For larger areas like legs, the gliding mode is ideal as it triggers more flashes and provides a faster treatment. The stamp mode offers a more precise treatment for sensitive areas. There’s also a gentle setting which is ideal for beginners.


    The Braun Silk Expert Pro App allows you to keep track of your treatments and progress for best results. There’s also a few handy guides on how the skin tone sensor works.


    Step 1: Prepare the treatment area by removing all visible hair on the skin. Cleanse the area and pat dry.

    Step 2: Press any button to activate the device. The LED power bars will light up.

    Step 3: Press the device firmly against the skin. Once the skin sensor has measured a valid skin tone, it will display a setting.

    Step 4: Press the treatment button. The device will flash and a warm sensation should be felt. If you find the treatment uncomfortable, you may reduce the light intensity using the gentle mode button.

    Step 5: Move the device around your desired treatment area, placing it firmly onto the skin and holding until it flashes.

    The device should be used once a week for 12 weeks to ensure all hair follicles are treated. After the initial treatment phase, it's best to use the device once a month, or as required, to maintain results.

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    Additional Information

    We RECOMMEND you test your skin (in new area) for reactions before using the device. The patch test area should be approximately 3 cm x 2 cm in size (equivalent to 2 flashes applied to the skin side by side). Wait 24 hours following the patch test, to ensure your skin is suitable for treatment and there is no adverse reaction to the light energy. If there is no reaction after 24 hours, you may treat the area around the test patch.

    DO NOT use the device if you have very dark skin. DO NOT use the device if your skin has been artificially or naturally tanned recently or is burned from sun overexposure. DO NOT expose treated areas to the sun. Wait at least 7 days after treatment before exposing treated skin to direct sunlight. DO NOT use the device directly on the nipples, genitals or around the anus. DO NOT use the device if you have a history of skin cancer or pre-cancerous lesions (e.g. nevi or a large number of moles). DO NOT use if you are pregnant, lactating, as this device has not been tested with these individuals. DO NOT use on dark brown or black spots such as birthmarks, moles or warts in the area you wish to treat. Using the device may injure your skin or make existing conditions worse. DO NOT use if you have any skin condition in the treatment area, including psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, acne, herpes simplex or active infections or wounds. DO NOT use if you are under the age of 18 as this device has not been tested on these individuals. DO NOT use on tattoos or permanent make up in the treatment area. DO NOT use on beard/facial hair for men.

    DO NOT use if you have a known sensitivity to sunlight (photosensitivity) or are taking a medication that causes photosensitivity e.g., certain antibiotics such as tetracycline, NSAIDS such as ibuprofen or retinoids such as Accutane and/or topical retinoids such as Retin A.

    Women who are using the device on the face: DO NOT use if you have had a skin peel treatment on the area of the face you wish to treat. You should wait 30 days after a skin peel before treating. DO NOT use if you have had a laser skin resurfacing procedure on the area of the face you wish to treat. You should wait 6 months following a laser skin resurfacing procedure before treating.DO NOT look directly into the treatment window when the device has electrical power and is switched on. DO NOT attempt to activate (flash) the device towards the eye. DO NOT treat areas around the eye (eyebrows or eyelashes). ONLY attempt to activate (flash) the device when the treatment window is in good contact with the area you wish to treat. WE RECOMMEND you look away from the device when activating the treatment button.

    Care and maintenance: After treatment, always unplug the device. After use, the handset, the skin tone sensors and the treatment window should be inspected for damage and wiped down with a dry, lint free cloth. If any marks or black spots are seen, then it is best to clean them off straight away after treatment. NEVER use water or other cleaning fluids, as these can damage the device leading to a potential safety hazard. WARNING: The glass filter (9) can get hot during use. DO NOT touch or clean the filter for at least 5 minutes after use to allow it to cool down. To ensure maximum performance, keep the heads with their built-in reflectors free from dirt, hair or other debris. Do not clean them in water, but use a dry cloth for cleaning them carefully. Store the device in a cool, dry place. Make sure that the treatment window and skin tone sensors are protected from damage. Regularly check the device (including cords) for visible signs of damage. In case of damage or cracks, stop using the device.

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