Braun Silk-épil 3 3-410 Epilator

Epilation technology provides long-lasting hair-free skin

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    • Smooth skin for up to 4 weeks
    • Epilator removes hair from the root for long-lasting results
    • Massage rollers stimulate your skin for comfortable treatments
    • Built-in Smartlight reveals fine hairs so none are missed
    • 2 speed settings
    • Includes a shaver and trimmer for sensitive areas

    2 year warranty Official Braun Retailer


    Plucking hair from the root, this epilator delivers long-lasting hair removal results lasting up to 4 weeks.

    The device gently removes hair by using its 20-tweezer system technology, with built-in massage rollers which stimulate the skin for more comfortable treatments.

    Complete with a shaver head, trimmer and 2 speed settings, you can customise your treatments to you.


    • Braun Silk-épil 3 3-410 Epilator
    • Shaver Head
    • Trimmer Head
    • Cleaning Brush

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    How does it work?

    By rolling the device over the areas you want to treat, the epilator uses a tweezer system to gently pluck out your hair from the root. The device’s SoftLift Tips get underneath flat-lying hair to guide them into the tweezers to remove hair more effectively than waxing.

    The built-in massage rollers stimulate your skin as you move the device over your body to make your treatments less painful.

    How to use

    Step 1: Make sure your skin is dry and free from grease or cream.

    Step 2: Ensure the epilator head is clean before using the device.

    Step 3: Turn on the device and select your speed setting.

    Step 4: Holding the device at 90°, move the device over your skin against the direction of hair growth.

    Step 5: Clean the head after your treatment.

    Personalise your routine

    This device even comes with a shaver head and a trimmer head to give you additional hair removal options. These attachment heads are ideal for removing hair in more sensitive areas, such as your bikini line or underarms.

    Why we love it

    The cord means you don’t need to worry about recharging your device, so you have instant access to hair removal anytime you need it.

    The built-in Smartlight feature enables you to see even the finest hairs as you’re carrying out your treatments, so you’ll never miss a hair again.

    Choose from 2 speed settings to personalise your hair removal treatments to you.

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