Braun Series 9 9390cc Latest Generation Electric Shaver

Smart and efficient electric shaver

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    • Scientific technology which adapts to your beard density
    • Produces 10,000 sonic vibrations that glides over skin
    • Made in Germany with premium craftsmanship
    • 5 Foil shaving elements make sure no hair is missed
    • One charge is one month of shaving
    • 100% Waterproof so can be used on wet or dry skin

    2 Year Warranty Official Braun Retailer


    This Braun Series 8 8390cc Electric Shaver is the 'Latest Generation' and said to be the best yet, throughout the generations it has got better everytime. It has 20% more battery life than the previous generation, and can now shave cordlessly for up to 60 minutes. This razor is so precise when cutting due to the accurate pivoting head, it is able to reach the most awkward areas.

    The technology is intelligently able to adapt and shave different hair lengths in one stroke, perfect if you have a busy schedule. This Series 9 shaver also has a handy Pro-display that will indicate that it is functioning correctly. The best feature is the Clean&Charge station; it automatically lubricates, dries, and charges your shaver whilst it is docked in the device. So, it is in perfect condition ready to use every time.


    • Braun Series 9 9390cc Latest Generation Electric shaver
    • Clean&Charge station
    • Cleaning cartridge
    • Leather travel case
    • Smart plug
    • Cleaning brush
    • User manual

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    why it works

    This razor features Sonic Technology, which produces micro-vibrations to give a smooth cutting experience when going over the skin. The Braun Series 9 9390cc Latest Generation Electric Shaver can have 30,000 cutting actions for each hair, from 5 intelligent foil shaving elements that give a close shave as little as 0.05mm.

    The Sonic Technology allows you to have a very close shave but is still gentle enough to not give shaving rashes or red spots. The design of the actual device is comfortable within your hand and gives more control because of the pivoting head. When it isn't stored in the Clean&Charge station it can be stored neatly in the 100% leather case, easy for travelling and sitting nicely in a draw.

    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Make sure the device has charge and turn on using the circular button in the middle of the device.

    Step 2: Apply water or your use of shaving foam.

    Step 3: This device can be used on wet or dry skin/hair. Use strokes to shave the chosen area.

    Step 4: Turn off device, rinse with water and place into the cleaning and storing doc.

    make it personal

    Who doesn't love a device which cleans, dries and charges all at the same time? After using this Braun device, you can place it in the Clean&Charge station, which creates a clean storage solution and cleans up the smallest hairs.

    You should be proud to have this device on display in your bathroom due to its chic design; it will make you want to use it every day. Also, the Braun Series 9 9390cc Electric Shaver can be used on wet or dry hair, making it easy to transition into your morning or evening routine.

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    Additional Information

    Energy-efficient Smartplug.

    2 pin adaptor not included.

    Worldwide voltage for easy use around the globe.

    Manufacturer's 1 year guarantee.

    Model number: 9390cc.

    EAN: 4210201273486.

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