Bio Ionic GrapheneMX™ Curler 32mm

Curl with hydrating heat

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    • Hair curler locks in moisture
    • 1.25" wide, 2" longer barrel
    • 5x less damage
    • Creates curls and beachy waves
    • Adjustable heat up to 196 degrees
    • Use each day on all textures and hair types

    2 Year Warranty Official Bio Ionic Retailer


    The Bio Ionic GrapheneMX™ Curler 1.25" has the big, long barrel you need to effortlessly create soft curls and beachy waves with 5x less damage. This curling iron heats up quick and evenly to ensure a consistent hair spiral.

    Use this curling wand each day to create long-lasting styles and lock moisture into your. hair. The minerals baked into the shaft add nutrients to your hair and fight frizz while they seal the cuticle. This is the best curling wand for anyone struggling to maintain smooth-looking curled styles.

    The Bio Ionic GrapheneMX™ Curler 1.25" has a 2" longer barrel than most wands and heats up to 196 degrees. Just choose the right heat level for your hair before styling.


    • Bio Ionic Bio Ionic GrapheneMX™ Curler 32mm
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    why it works

    The Bio Ionic GrapheneMX™ Curler 1.25" hair tool is easy to use for everyday styling. The Bio Ionic Moisturizing Heat™ Technology uses graphene and a mineral complex to deliver nutrients through the intense heat right into your hair shaft. That enhances your hair instead of drying it out.

    The Bio Ionic GrapheneMX™ Curler 1.25" is great for all hair types and textures; even very thick hair. It delivers a consistent spiral across all hair types.

    And don't worry if you forget to turn it off, the Bio Ionic GrapheneMX™ Curler 1.25" has an auto-shut off function for your peace of mind.

    This barrel is longer than most heat tongs too. That means you can reach your back sections and style longer hair easier than ever. Just section, curl and set.

    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Section your hair (only use on dry hair).

    Step 2: Loop each section snug around the barrel and hold for a few seconds. Release the curl.

    Step 3: Repeat on your whole head. When done, let cool then store tong.

    make it personal

    The Bio Ionic GrapheneMX™ Curler 1.25" has adjustable heat so you can get the right temperature for your hair type.

    Finer and thinner hair doesn't need as much heat as thicker and curlier hair. So use the heat setting to range up to 196°C for the perfect heat level every day.

    The Bio Ionic GrapheneMX™ Curler 1.25" causes 5x less damage as is, but use with a heat protectant to further resist damage.


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