Beurer SL 70 Snore Stopper

Maximise your sleep

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    • Corrects behaviour to stop snoring
    • Can be adjusted to suit your needs
    • Adjustable vibration alarms boost your beauty sleep
    • Rechargeable internal battery
    • Connects to phone app via Bluetooth
    • Easy to wear device

    2 year warranty Official Beurer Retailer


    Elimating snoring can improve sleep quality for everyone in your home by 20%, making you brighter and more alert during the day.

    You'll start to hear the results of Snore Stopper immediately as snoring sounds reduce until they are barely noticeable.

    For best results, connect it to the Beurer SleepQuiet app via Bluetooth for an overview of past behaviour and long-term monitoring.


    • Snore Stopper Integrated rechargeable battery
    • 3 different earplug sizes
    • Charging cable
    • 3 year guarantee

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    Bluetooth enabled Gentle Snore Therapy detects user noise through voice and bone conuction vibration signals.

    The real-time noise detection triggers a soft vibration alarm to gentle modify snoring patterns.

    Regular use can prevent snoring with variable vibration intensities, improving sleep patterns across your household.

    Review your snoring diary with the Beurer SleepQuiet app to track progress at a glance and adapt the settings as necessary.

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