Beurer MG 260 Shiatsu Massage Seat Cover

Sit back and unwind

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    • Gentle pressure massage
    • Reduces tension and relieves stiffness
    • Supports your body
    • Fixes to the back of your chair
    • Convenient storage hook
    • Treats your back and neck

    2 Year Warranty Official FOREO Retailer


    Shiatsu massage leaves you feeling calm and relaxed, enhancing the quality of your sleep by up to 54%.

    Personalise your treatment at home by switching between the Shiatsu back massage, spot techniques and soothing rolling motions.

    What's more, the safety mechansim switches the power off after 15 minutes to avoid over-stimulation.


    • Shiatsu massage seat cover
    • Mains power cable
    • Instruction manual

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    Beurer's massage technology mixes traditional Shiatsu techniques with soft heat, diffusing deep into the muscle tissue.

    The height-adjustable neck panel adapts to maximise your treatment, using double Shiatsu nodes to loosen muscles.

    Use the integrated control panel to switch between the three massage nodes and two speeds for a more intense session.

    The flexible holiding straps adjust to fit the back of any chair, great for using at home, when travelling or in the office.

    It's simple to keep your massager clean too as the removable cover can be machine-washed.

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