Beurer SE 80 Sleep Expert

Optimise your REM cycle

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    • Measures, analyses and improves sleeping habits
    • Connects via Bluetooth to phone app
    • Slimline design slips under your mattress
    • Maximises your beauty sleep
    • Creates your own sleep laboratory at home
    • Leaves you feeling well-rested and energised

    2 year warranty


    A study conducted by Oxford University found that if your sleep is restricted to four hours over just three nights, the feelings of anxiety, depression and stress are all increased with performance levels decreasing.

    In addition, regularly getting 8 hours of sleep has a phenomenal impact on wellbeing and could increase your lifespan by up to 5 years.

    This innovative device is great for maximising your beauty sleep and getting to the root cause of restlessness and tiredness.

    As the device is slimline and sits under the mattress so you won't notice the discreet nature of the Sleep Expert.

    We recommend connecting to the free Beurer SleepExpert app via Bluetooth for an overview of behaviour and long-term monitoring.


    • Sleep sensor
    • Mains power cable
    • Instruction manual

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    When paired with the app, the Sleep Expert measures and analyses heart rate, respiratory rate and movement display to provide an individual evaluation.

    Precise sleep phase recording allows you to analyse interruptions and make sure you're getting the rest your body needs.

    The Fresh-Wake function will customise your alarm as well, ensuring you wake up well-rested after completing a full REM cycle.

    The summary then tailors the results analysis to give you individual tips for a better sleep.

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