Beurer MG 155 Vibrating Seat Cover

Pampered treatment

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    30만원이상 구매시 3만원 추가할인코드: NEW

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    • Uses vibration massage
    • Gently shakes the muscles
    • Relieves tension
    • Stimulates improved circulation
    • Portable design
    • Ideal for use at home and on-the-go

    2 year warranty Official Beurer Retailer


    Regular massage sessions leave you feeling calm and relaxed, enhancing your sleep quality by up to 54%.

    Beurer's vibrating massage technology releases muscle tension with invigorating contact.

    What's more, the safety mechansim switches the power off after 15 minutes to avoid over-stimulation.


    • Shiatsu massage seat cover
    • Mains power cable
    • Car power adaptor
    • Instruction manual

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    Our Story

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    회사 소개

    Gentle vibration technoilogy releases pain and tension with soft vibrations to boost circulation.

    Personalise your massage with 2 intensity levels across 3 separate treatment areas.

    Step it up a notch by activating the heat function, diffusing deep into the muscles to relieve tension.

    The slimline design means it can easily adjust to fit the back of any chair - great for using at home or in the office.

    This device also comes complete with car adapters to enjoy a soothing massage while travelling too.

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