Beurer LR 330 Air Purifier with Humidifier

Cleaner air

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    • Protects your home from toxins
    • Cleans the air
    • Optimises air humidification
    • Uses a three-level filter system
    • Instantly assesses air quality
    • Easy to use digital display

    2 year warranty


    Improved air quality can increase productivity by 10%, so it's essential to monitor both your home and office.

    Reduce your risk of allergies by setting habitat goals and adjusting air humidity up to 80%.

    What's more, the timer function and automatic switch off optimise activity for when you're around.


    • Air Cleaner Combination filter (activated carbon, HEPA filter class E 10)
    • Pre-filter
    • Instructions manual
    • Mains power cable

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    Beurer air purification technology cleans the air through a precise three-layer filter system.

    The internal washer system uses water to remove domestic dust, pollen, animal hair and odours from the air.

    Filters last approximately 1000 hours and indicate on the display when they need to be changed.

    The water besin is dishwasher-safe, meaning it's easy to keep clean.

    This device is suitable for using in rooms measuring up to 35 m2.

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