BabyBelle Fit BodyBuffer Kit

Revitalise your skin and your muscles

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    • Exfoliate, smooth and massage sore muscles
    • Increase Lymphatic Drainage
    • Speed up muscle recovery
    • Increases skin's elasticity
    • Improves the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks
    • Improves absorption of skincare products

    2 Year Warranty Official BelleCore Retailer


    BelleCore babyBelle Fit bodybuffer is a travel version of the HoneyBelle bodybuffer designed for on-the-go maintenance when traveling, away from home or at the gym.

    babyBelle Fit bodybuffer has a patented technology which uses random orbital oscillation.

    The body buffers simultaneously spin and zigzag back and forth, sending constant, concentrated energy into treated areas. This oscillating massage boosts blood and lymphatic flow, stimulates collagen formation and stretches fibrous tissues to improve elasticity creating multiple benefits for your appearance and promoting a feeling of well-being.


    • BabyBelle Fit Bodybuffer

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